Zendaya Unfollows Everyone on Instagram - Including Tom Holland

Zendaya appears to be beginning the new year with a clean social media slate...at least in terms of who she follows!

Zendaya unfollowed every account on her official page this week, including her boyfriend Tom Holland, according to fans.

Zendaya did not explain why she decided to make this move, but many speculate that it has something to do with her impending press cycles for her films Dune

Part Two (in cinemas March 1, 2024) and Challengers (in theaters April 26, 2024). Zendaya's most recent post is from three days ago, and it features the Challengers banner.

If you're wondering, Tom is still following Zendaya, as seen by the screen captures in the gallery below. 

This data is current as of the date of this publishing. If anything changes, we will notify you.

On her Instagram account, the Oakland actress unfollowed everyone, including associates, friends, and even her boyfriend and "Spider-Man" co-star, Tom Holland. 

On Monday, Jan. 1, Zendaya said in the caption, "Wishing you all the most beautiful new year." 

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