Zendaya: "Of Course I'd Star in Dune 3," but 'I'm Waiting Until' Denis Villeneuve Is Ready ‘Dune Messiah’ Is ‘So Much to Take In’

Zendaya is preparing to play Chani in Denis Villeneuve's third "Dune" film.

Zendaya says returning for a "Dune Messiah" movie is a no-brainer in a Fandango cast interview before "Dune: Part Two" opens. 

 Villeneuve announced in December that a draft for a third "Dune" film is nearly complete

 I started "Messiah" and thought, "Wow, I'm only shooting the first movie."

 Let me return to the first. The amount of information is overwhelming, but Denis is the best person to handle it.

I'm eager to witness... "Just anticipation," Zendaya said of the franchise's future. When he's ready. 

His meticulous nature prevents him from sharing things until they're ready. I respect that and wait for him.

Last year, Villeneuve said "Dune: Part Two" is "much better" than his 2021 film at a press conference in South Korea.

Villeneuve stated, "It's more alive." A connection exists between the characters.

 I was aiming to achieve an intensity and quality of emotions that I didn't achieve with "Part One" but accomplished with "Part Two."

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