You're right, Donald Glover can't play Spider-Man right now.

In response to a question about whether he could play Spider-Man in live action, Donald Glover has stated that he cannot. Glover has already worked on two separate Spider-Man projects.

 It's interesting to note that the actor is the same in both of them. When Glover first joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he played Aaron Davis in a small part in Spider-Man: Homecoming,

the first of Tom Holland's Spider-Man films. Glover's appearance suggests that his nephew Miles Morales is also a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character is known as the Prowler in Marvel Comics.

Glover later made a comeback in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse as a fully developed Prowler, most likely the same as his MCU persona. Glover's appearance in full Prowler gear made the reveal unexpected,

but it was also exciting because Glover made a live-action appearance in the middle of the animated Spider-Verse movie, interacting with Miles Morales and paving the way for live-action characters in Spider-Man:

Beyond the Spider-Verse. Glover has now spoken out on the possibility of portraying a hero in place of the villain he plays in the two Spider-Man films.

Glover talked on the prospect of his playing Spider-Man in a live-action film in Vanity Fair's Lie Detector Test. The first question posed to the actor was about his impression of Prowler in Spider-Man: Sony's attempt at making amends for not choosing him for the Spider-Man role was evident in Across the Spider-Verse. 

Glover had notably sought the part before Andrew Garfield was chosen for the Peter Parker role in The Amazing Spider-Man, to which he replied, "No! I doubt they gave it a second thought." After that, Glover declared that he was "too old to be Spider-Man now." See the complete quotation below:

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