You have 20/20 vision if you spot the odd one out in less than 15 seconds 

For their potential to test the brain's outlier detection capabilities, odd one out illusions never fail to captivate. 

In this optical illusion, the sole distinguishing feature among the green and red vehicles is a single one.

Take a look at the vehicles and try to differentiate between them before you set a timer on your phone.

Everything from the headlights or taillights to the color of the trim, wheels, tires, and windows.

One thing that could be different is the distance between them. In terms of strategy, are you going to follow a top-down or left-to-right approach?

However, another option is to begin in one corner and make your way carefully to the other in order to identify the outcast.

Get searching after you've figured it out. Could you locate the unique vehicle?  

Locate the correct vehicle by consulting the answer key provided below. 

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