West and Ty Dolla Fans gathered for Sign's first listen.

 During the Thursday night listening experience for “Vultures, Volume One,” the unreleased collaborative album by “¥$” with Ye (formerly Kanye West) and Ty Dolla Sign, the event was canceled online. 

 TMZ stated that Ye was cut off and the screen turned dark after spouting hateful lyrics during the Veeps webcast of the United Center event.

 Ye has been playing a sorrowful violin online for days, claiming he can't persuade arenas to hire him for future stagings of “Vultures

  Only Friday night at New York's UBS Arena is scheduled (the United Center engagement was revealed earlier this week).

 “We sold out United Center in seven minutes and would like to reach out to anyone who can assist with this.

  In a deleted social media post, Ye complained that it was his only arena last year. 

 When I call, people say no avails for me, and you know why."

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