‘Yellowstone’ To Release on Netflix For First Time in International Regions

Yellowstone, a Taylor Sheridan Western starring Kevin Costner, is expected to make its Netflix premiere in a few select regions,

This is the second major Paramount series to be released on Netflix in recent months. You may recall that we recently reported on Yellowjackets' international release on Netflix. 

According to Unogs, the show was canceled in at least 15 nations in that situation. Latin American territories such as Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico are among them.

 It was also available on Netflix in Australia, India, and South Africa. Greece, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania were among the European countries that received it.

We can't confirm all of the places planned to receive Yellowstone, but we've seen alerts on Netflix in all of Latin America and India so far.

In those regions, a notification and show page resolves announcing that numerous "Seasons" will begin on January 15th, 2024.

Although Yellowstone is getting a limited release on Netflix, don't expect it to become a global show anytime soon.

The majority of the show's rights are either with Paramount's own Paramount+ or, in the case of the United States, the series is still solely available on streaming on Peacock following its initial run on cable TV.

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