Will Friedle and Rider Strong allege grooming by 'Boy Meets World' guest actor Brian Peck 

"Boy Meets World" stars Will Friedle and Rider Strong discussed their past relationship with actor Brian Peck on their podcast. 

Peck, a stand-in on the series, began appearing during Season 5 in 1997. 

Danielle Fishel, another co-star, joined Friedle and Strong to address the issue. 

Peck was arrested in 2003 on charges of lewd acts with a child and convicted, serving 16 months in prison. 

Despite being in his late 30s, Peck befriended the young actors on set.

Friedle recounted instances of taking Peck to events after the show ended.

Fishel suggested that Peck's openly gay status may have shielded his behavior due to 1990s homophobia.

She emphasized the importance of recognizing boundaries regardless of sexual orientation.

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