Will Benjamin Grey be in Outlander Season 8?

In Written in My Own Heart's Blood, Claire discovers that Lord John Grey's nephew, Benjamin, has died. That begins a larger tale for John, William, and Hal. Will Benjamin appear in Outlander Season 8? 

It's unclear which storylines from Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone will be incorporated in the final season of the show. It'll be impossible to fit them all in.  

After all, any additions will need to be closed off because the ninth book leaves several plots open. 

Ben's tale appears to be relevant to some characters, although not all of them have played significant parts in the Outlander series thus far. The one who has may not require him to complete his story.  

Why Ben will probably not be in Outlander Season 8 There is a lot to pack into the 10-episode final season. We'll see how Claire and Jamie's storyline ends. 

Then there's Bree, Roger, Young Ian, Rachel, William, and many more. It will be impossible to cover everything for everyone. 

Benjamin Grey is more connected to John and Hal than to William. William's narrative with Amaranthus, Ben's wife, might be conveyed without ever seeing him.  

The program might have Amaranthus tell William the truth about what happened to Ben, or that aspect of the plot could simply be handled in a different way. 

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