While 'happy' for Lainey Wilson, Kelsea Ballerini was'saddled' to lose the Best Country Album title at the 2024 Grammy Awards.

Kelsea Ballerini wishes to make her thoughts regarding her Grammy Awards loss in 2024 more clear.

Some viewers thought that 30-year-old singer-songwriter Ballerini seemed dissatisfied throughout the program after her Rolling Up the Welcome Mat,

which won best country album, lost to Lainey Wilson's Bell Bottom Country during the annual awards presentation on Sunday. She corrected the misinformation on Instagram the next day.

"Oh my goodness, everyone. You can be simultaneously joyful for someone else's victory and sad for your own defeat," she posted on Monday on Instagram. "two things can be true and both hold valid and valuable space."

The four-time Grammy nominee Ballerini then talked about how the public interpreted her response. 

"the face reading and reaction analysis is unnecessary and hurtful to anyone," she stated. "When a woman wins, the team wins. Instead, write about that."

Rustin' in the Rain by Tyler Childers and Brothers Osborne and Zach Bryan, each for their self-titled albums, were the other finalists for best country album at the 2024 Grammy Awards.

"This is absolutely wild, y'all," Wilson said at the outset of her acceptance speech for Bell Bottom Country. I'm receiving my first Grammy ever." She continued by expressing her gratitude to her co-writers, producers, and "everyone who had anything to do with this record," saying, "It has truly changed my life."

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