Which zodiac signs will be targeted by Cupid's arrow on Valentine's Day?

Love is a complex and unexpected phenomena influenced by a variety of characteristics, including personality, compatibility, timing, and chemistry. 

Valentine's Day is here, and with it comes the lovely expectation of love and connection. 

These two air signs share a passion for intellectual stimulation, socializing, and creativity. 

Aquarius and Libra 

 They can readily connect mentally and emotionally, and they enjoy each other's company. 

 These two earth signs prioritize stability, security, and fidelity in their relationships. 

Capricorn and Taurus

They are dependable, dedicated, and diligent partners who can support one another's objectives and desires. 

Although these two signs are opposites on the zodiac wheel, they can work nicely together. 

Pisces and Virgo 

 Pisces is a sensitive, intuitive, and dreamy sign, whereas Virgo is a practical, analytical, and thorough one. 

These two fire signs exude confidence, desire, and adventure.

Leo and Sagittarius 

They are full of energy and passion for life, and they can encourage one another to explore new vistas

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