What does your zodiac sign imply about your sleep pattern?

Of course, you may have your own method of flinging your leg over the other side of the bed or swinging your arms spread in a Titanic position while sleeping, but your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your sleep patterns. 

You may be a sleeping panda or a zombie who can't sleep, but stop blaming yourself; it's all your birthday's fault. (Image: Shutterstock.)

Sleeping is not good for a typical ram because he is overactive and hyper. 

As a result, individuals normally sleep for a shorter period of time since they would rather put that energy to work.

Taureans are obsessed with sleep and will go to any length to achieve it

They are dominated by Venus and, if given the opportunity, can sleep all day.

It's either more or less, but never acceptable for Gemini.

They frequently take their troubles to bed and sleep eludes them, or on rare occasions when they achieve balance and tranquilly, they will sleep longer than necessary.

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