Wendy Williams states 'no money' in Lifetime documentary teaser.

A new Lifetime documentary will reveal Wendy Williams' health and financial struggles over the past five years.

Lifetime released the first look at "Where is Wendy Williams?," a two-night documentary airing later this month.

The teaser reveals frightening behind-the-scenes footage of Williams' health struggles and honest new interviews, marking her rare public appearance. While crying, she holds a pillow.

“I have no money,” Williams says. I'll say something. If it occurs to me, it may happen to you."

Williams' daytime talk program was discontinued in 2022 when she went on medical leave for Graves' illness. Her financial guardianship began that year. She was "incapacitated person," Wells Fargo told The Hollywood Reporter.

Williams cries in the teaser as she says she misses her family and has "no friends." When asked how many people love her, she says, "No, I don't."

The documentary will also include interviews with Williams' family, who express concern about her drinking and memory loss. She is asked if she drank the whole bottle of booze that day in one scene.

"My mom has done a great job making it seem like everything is okay always, but in reality, there's something wrong going on," her son, Kevin Hunter Jr.

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