WATCH: Kevin Durant's Response to the Game-Winner from Steph Curry

With 0.7 seconds left, Steph Curry nailed a game-winning three-pointer against the Phoenix Suns, securing a thrilling victory for the Golden State Warriors. 

Kevin Durant, Curry's former teammate, couldn't hide his reaction to the incredible shot, a testament to Curry's consistent brilliance on the court. 

The win was crucial for the Warriors, who have been on a hot streak since Draymond Green's return to the starting lineup. 

Despite staying quiet at the trade deadline, the Warriors are optimistic about their prospects for the rest of the season. 

The victory against the Suns was particularly significant as the Warriors have struggled in close games throughout the season. 

Curry, once again, demonstrated his ability to shine in clutch moments, further solidifying his status as a basketball legend. 

The win over the Suns could serve as a catalyst for even more momentum for the Warriors moving forward. 

Curry's game-winning shot not only sealed the victory but also sent the Suns packing with a defeat, highlighting his impact on the game. 

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