Unveiling the Complexity: Nikki Haley's Stance on Race 

Nikki Haley attended the funeral of Cynthia Graham Hurd, a victim of the 2015 Charleston church shooting, earning praise for her presence and strength from Melvin Graham, Hurd's brother

Despite initial admiration, Graham now questions "Who is the real Nikki Haley?" hinting at inconsistencies in her public persona

Haley, during her tenure as South Carolina's governor, attended all nine funerals of the victims, projecting strength and principle

Graham contemplated serious consideration for Haley if she ran for president based on her conduct during the funerals.

However, Haley's stance on race has been met with skepticism, with some perceiving mixed messages in her campaign rhetoric. 

While Haley, the daughter of Indian immigrants, has emphasized her heritage and achievements, she has also declared that America "is not a racist country." 

Haley's attempts to position herself as a unifying figure on race, citing her actions like removing the Confederate flag from the state house after the Charleston shooting, face criticism for being superficial or contradictory. 

As Haley returns to campaign in South Carolina, experts and residents suggest her approach to racial issues may not resonate uniformly with the state's electorate. 

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