Travis's heart pumps blood with the aid of a booster device.

– Country singer Randy Travis is in critical condition in a Texas hospital due to viral cardiomyopathy, weakening heart muscles caused by infection.

– Contrary to reports, Travis has not undergone heart surgery but received an IMPELLA device for left ventricular assistance to stabilise his condition.

– The IMPELLA device is a temporary solution to strengthen the heart's pumping power, typically implanted with a small groyne incision, unlike open-heart surgery.

– Interventional cardiologists can perform this less invasive procedure in a hospital's cardiac catheterization lab.

– The device is threaded through blood vessels into the left ventricle, the heart's main pumping chamber.

– The left ventricle, weakened in Travis' case, struggles to pump blood, leading to a risk of congestive heart failure.

– The IMPELLA device acts as a booster, providing additional support to help the heart pump blood effectively.

– Randy Travis remains in critical condition, and the procedure aims to stabilise his heart function.

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