Top 10 Spider-Man Web Upgrades That Unlocked New Superpowers 

Spider-Man develops lead-lined webbing to safely contain hazardous materials and disrupt enemy signals, such as in his encounter with Sandman.

Ben Reilly introduces Impact webbing, which explodes into tendrils upon impact, effectively restraining targets; later modified to include molecular acid capable of melting steel and wood.

Variants like web-foam and magnetic webbing aid Spider-Man in saving lives by providing soft landings and deactivating bomb triggers.

Spider-Man's diverse rogues' gallery necessitates the use of specialized webbings tailored to each enemy's abilities and weaknesses.

Lead-lined webbing is particularly useful against foes with corrosive or hazardous abilities, offering a means of containment.

Impact webbing's ability to immobilize targets makes it effective against adversaries resistant to standard webbing.

Ben Reilly's modification to Impact webbing, incorporating molecular acid, enhances its utility against metal-based adversaries.

Spider-Man's arsenal of web variants reflects his adaptability in facing a wide range of threats, from corrosive villains to robotic adversaries.

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