Tom Hollander, the actor in "White Lotus," received a seven-figure sum for his "Avengers" bonus paycheck.

"White Lotus" actor Tom Hollander recently revealed a paycheck mix-up involving fellow actor Tom Holland. 

Hollander received an "Avengers" paycheck meant for Holland due to confusion at their shared talent agency. 

Despite sharing a similar name, Hollander is known for roles in "Pride & Prejudice," "The Night Manager," and "The White Lotus," while Holland is famous as Spider-Man. 

Hollander mentioned people often mistaking them, even within their own talent agency. 

The incident occurred during a Chekhov play interval, where Hollander discovered the Marvel paycheck meant for Holland in his email. 

The paycheck was a substantial box-office bonus for "The Avengers," exceeding Hollander's expectations. 

The amount was a seven-figure sum, not even Holland's negotiated salary but a bonus based on the movie's success. 

Hollander humorously reflected on the mix-up, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of showbiz. 

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