Tom Holland has been confirmed by Marvel. Spider-Man Modifies Everything in 'No Way Home' Quietly

Tom Holland's Peter Parker first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe seven years ago,   

and since then, everything we knew about Spider-Man in the MCU has altered.Captain America:  

2004, and 2007 following Sony's 1999 acquisition of the character's rights.Five years later, 

Unlike previous incarnations of the character, Tom Holland's Peter Parker arrived in the world fully endowed  

similar to what they had done with Tobey, Sony would head at least three Amazing Spider-Man films with Andrew in the lead role.But in the end, this was not to 

with his spider special abilities and lacking the iconic Uncle Ben backstory.   

This was a significant departure from the origin myths that fans of Marvel's iconic superhero had grown accustomed to.  

charging that the company had ruined "the thread" of the franchise by removing "deep scenes." 

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