Tom Brady downplays the Travis Kelce controversy.

During the first quarter of the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl LVIII game against the San Francisco 49ers

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce caused quite a stir when he ran up to head coach Andy Reid on the sideline after a turnover and screamed in his face, nearly knocking him over

 But famed NFL quarterback Tom Brady does not appear to believe it was a big deal.

throughout the most recent episode of his Let's Go! podcast, Tom Brady downplayed the entire affair

calling it "little family issues" and claiming that he went through many of the same things throughout his own career.

"There are always little family issues, which I don't mind seeing because I was a part of a lot of them," Brady told Pro Football Talk.

 "Emotions are quite high. You are clearly not focused and balanced. You aren't in a contemplative state at that point. 

You are completely determined to go out there and win. So, I believe that many of the things said throughout the games should simply be ignored. 

And I admire that because it demonstrates his leadership ability...."It also speaks to Coach Reid's self-confidence, as he does not take it personally. 

 Travis is not attempting to do any of these things. He's just trying to be energized and present.

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