Today's Five Most Overlooked MLB Players...Plus, the five most underappreciated 

Every sports league in the world has athletes with inconsistent fanfare for their on-field performance. 

This could suggest they deserve more or less attention. 

As the MLB season approaches and media coverage increases, it becomes clear that some players are treated differently. 

Today, we will discuss the top 5 most overrated MLB players. Five most undervalued. 

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The Reds released Joey Votto after the 2023 season. He became a free agent after the organization declined his $20 million player option. 

On Saturday, leaguewide Spring Training games begin, but Votto remains a free agent. Depressed, he posted a vehicle wash video. 

First time since 2002 the veteran has not attended professional Spring Training. Not being in Arizona like he has for 20 years must be strange. 

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