The Untitled Yellowstone Spinoff: Cast, Plot, Premiere Date, and Everything We Know

Yellowstone is the biggest broadcast TV surprise in years.

Since the Dutton tale captivated viewers (if not critics), Yellowstone has been a cultural phenomenon and ratings powerhouse.

With multiple prequels and more to come, we look forward to Yellowstone's conclusion and the current setting of this compelling saga.

Yellowstone follows the Dutton family's vast Montana ranch.

The Duttons bought a lot of land early on, making them the envy of others, especially those who wanted to tear it up for modern uses.

Kevin Costner plays patriarch John Dutton, who fights for tradition and the family's western dynasty with his offspring Beth, Jamie, and Kayce (for better or worse).

All signals point to yes, but if you've been following Yellowstone Season 5's various levels, you know nothing is final.

Paramount+'s 1883 and 1923 prequels were measured successes. 

 Yellowstone's success on the streamer has helped the Taylor Sheridan Universe, which Peacock owns.

We believe the spinoff will materialize, if only to capitalize on Yellowstone's cultural zeitgeist by debuting on Paramount and the streamer.

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