Madame Web's Marvel Comics changes will alienate whatever fans she actually has 

Sony's Madame Web movie diverges significantly from the original comics, potentially displeasing fans. 

Changes encompass Cassie Webb's powers, backstory, and the addition of a Peruvian tribe with special spiders. 

The inclusion of Peruvian spiders conveniently explains characters' powers but may alienate comic fans. 

The film, starring Dakota Johnson as Cassie Webb, aims to depict the clairvoyant's origins and introduce three Spider-Women. 

Significant alterations to powers and backstory in Madame Web may frustrate longtime fans. 

In the movie, Cassie Webb is a paramedic who gains the ability to see the future. 

She encounters Julia Cornwall, Mattie Franklin, and Anya Corazon, who are destined to become Spider-Women. 

The storyline involves these characters facing a threat from Ezekiel Sims, whose future death involves them, leading to substantial changes from their comic counterparts. 

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