The size and shape of a dog breed's face may indicate how long the breed will live.

Dogs' lifespans vary widely based on factors like size, sex, and head proportion. 

A study in the UK with data from over 580,000 dogs of 150+ breeds revealed intriguing trends. 

Medium-sized, flat-faced male dogs (e.g., English bulldogs) are three times more likely to live shorter lives than small-sized, long-face females. 

Female dogs, in general, tend to outlive males, and smaller breeds have longer lifespans than larger ones. 

Popular flat-faced breeds like bulldogs and pugs face more health complications, possibly due to breathing and skin issues. 

Researchers compiled data from various sources to create a database of 584,734 dogs, determining median life expectancy for each breed. 

While they couldn't identify direct risk factors, females across breeds had a slightly longer median lifespan (12.7 years) than males (12.4 years). 

Surprisingly, purebred dogs generally outlived crossbreeds, challenging the assumption that crossbreeds have a health advantage. 

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