The Recording Academy is criticized by Jay-Z in his Grammys speech.

Jay-Z accepted the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award with his daughter, Blue Ivy, highlighting the industry's progress since the 1989 Grammys boycott by Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff. 

He jokingly criticized the effectiveness of the 1989 boycott and revealed his own 1998 boycott over DMX's Grammy snub. 

 Jay-Z emphasized the need for the Grammys to get it right, mentioning Beyoncé's record-breaking Grammy count but no Album of the Year wins.

Beyoncé's supporters have long criticized the Grammys for overlooking her in key categories, questioning the Recording Academy's fairness. 

Jay-Z playfully teased the audience about potential feelings of being "robbed" at the Grammys. 

He addressed the broader issue of showing up in life, urging persistence until deserving accolades are received, whether it's in the music industry or beyond. 

Jay-Z emphasized the importance of truth-telling when nervous and encouraged everyone to keep showing up for recognition. 

In a broader message, he highlighted the journey to achieving titles like chairman, genius, or the greatest of all time, emphasizing the importance of perseverance. 

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