Mayim Bialik's departure from Jeopardy! was explained by executive producer Michael Davies.

 In December 2023, Bialik, who began presenting the gameshow in 2021, announced she would be leaving. Ken Jennings will host Jeopardy! alone.

 Davies called Bialik a "superb host" but said she was fired for "more consistency"

 When Davies said, "When I took over the show, we were really forced into that situation from everything that happened before, the guest hosting period," at the 2024 TVCA winter press tour's 'Unscripted Storytellers' panel.

 After Mayim got her Fox comedy schedule, I had Ken guest-host the primetime shows."

  Even though Bialik has left the program, Davies is still holding out hope that she may come back to the show in some capacity in the future.

 "Mayim is an outstanding host," he shared further. "We hope to keep working with her on primetime versions and other spin-offs."

 Following that, Davies stated that "those conversations are ongoing — but Ken really won the job," referring to Jennings.

 The actress informed fans on Instagram in December that the decision wasn't hers.

 "As the holiday break begins in Hollywood, I have some Jeopardy! news," said.

 "Sony has informed me that I will no longer be hosting the syndicated version of Jeopardy!"

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