The New York Times article about Travis Kelce's hairstyle sparked jokes, with some claiming it provided "zero cultural context."

A recent piece about Travis Kelce's haircut in the New York Times has drawn a lot of jeers, with many arguing it's evidence that the Gray Lady doesn't have a diverse enough staff. 

A story titled "They'll Take the Travis Kelce — Hairdo, That Is" was published by The Times last week. The subhead of the item said,

"Not since Jennifer Aniston has a haircut become so popular." Barbers are getting flooded with requests for "the Travis Kelce," both domestically and internationally."

The feature story began with Canadian barber Jeffrey Dugas claiming that clients have been bringing in a picture of the star tight end on the Kansas City Chiefs and asking for a similar haircut. 

Already a well-known NFL player, Kelce's public persona has reached unprecedented heights in the last 12 months because of his romance with Taylor Swift.

Alyson Krueger, a Times writer, said in the fourth paragraph that Kelce's hairdo is a "buzz cut fade" that is "easy to replicate."

Critics immediately drew attention to the fact that the article omitted any mention of the style's decades-long popularity in the Black community and other cultures, as well as its longstanding use in the military. 

 It's interesting to note that the actor is the same in both of them. When Glover first joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he played Aaron Davis in a small part in Spider-Man: Homecoming,

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