The narrative behind Randy Travis' debut single since his 2013 stroke, 'Fool's Love Affair'

– Return to Airwaves: Randy Travis, Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, releases "Fool's Love Affair" - first radio single since his 2013 stroke.

– Classic Ballad: The song, originally cut in 1984, is a classic ballad with steel guitar and Travis' warm croon that defined an era of country music.

– Charlie Monk's Persistence: Radio personality Charlie Monk, co-writer of the song, located the master recording after a three-year search, stumbling upon it a day before sending boxes to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

– Modern Makeover: Longtime producer Kyle Lehning gives the song a modern mix, adding electric and steel guitar to bring it up to contemporary standards.

– Sonic Time Machine: Travis' voice, untouched by time, shines on the 1980s country cheatin' tune, creating a nostalgic experience for fans.

– Mary Travis' Joy: Mary Travis expresses the magic of the project, describing the process as "kinda magical" and emphasising the pure and true nature of Randy's voice.

– Treasures from the Vault: The success of "Fool's Love Affair" hints at more music in the Randy Travis vault, with a gospel album and memoir released in recent years.

– Archived Music: Mary Travis suggests there's more archived music, awaiting discovery, showcasing the resilience and enduring legacy of Randy Travis in country music.

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