The Most Sensitive Zodiac Signs, Ranked In Order

Do you believe yourself to be a highly sensitive person? Are you overly concerned about how others may react to your actions and word.

Do you worry so much about making errors and unwittingly hurting others that you avoid going out and doing things? When you're highly sensitive, any (or none) of those things could be true.

You would think that all sensitive individuals are introverts, yet there are many outgoing, social people who are sensitive. 

 They may also be more empathic or reactive than other extroverts. The most sensitive zodiac signs in astrology have above-average manners, are extremely diligent, and think deeply.

y. They are detail-oriented, can become overstimulated by excessive activity, and may employ strategies such as people-pleasing to escape criticism.

Because sensitive persons experience heightened emotions, they may cry more frequently than others. 

 For example, water sign Pisces, the most sensitive zodiac sign, cries the most because of their intuitive and deeply emotional nature, whereas air sign Aquarius cries the least and is more emotionally detached.

Highly sensitive people perceive the world in a unique way, yet this does not imply that they lack something.

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