The Grammys’ CEO Offered Clarity After His Comment On The Viral AI Drake Song’s Award Eligibility Was Seemingly Misunderstood  

After a method of AI-generated music started circulating online, the music was polarized for weeks.

Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, and other rappers made it clear they weren't worried about a thing. Things changed drastically, though, when the Grammys' organisers, The Recording Academy,

Revealed that these pieces will be considered for the 2024 ceremony. The AI tune featuring Drake and The Weeknd's artificial voices is the centerpiece of these historic decisions.

The song "Heart On My Sleeve" was allegedly nominated for a prestigious Gramophone award, but it has since been withdrawn from streaming services.

 On September 4, Grammy CEO Harvey Mason, Jr. told The New York Times that the company did, in fact, meet the criteria for qualifying

 which only served to fan the flames. Mason, however, paused his remarks earlier today (September 8th) to elaborate.

I apologize, but there is some false and misleading material that has begun to circulate, and I must correct it

To be very clear, Mason told The Hollywood Reporter that the song is ineligible even though it was composed by a human creator

He cited issues with the legality of the vocals, lack of clearance from the label or the musicians, and the song's lack of commercial availability as reasons.


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