The Grammy Awards were won by Miley Cyrus, who wore nothing but gold safety pins.

Miley Cyrus wowed the Grammys red carpet on Sunday with her garment made of 14,000 gold safety pins. 

The singer-songwriter, who went on to win her first Grammy, wore a unique ensemble by Maison Margiela that took "675 hours of meticulous work," according to the house. 

Her hair was in a Farrah Fawcett-style bouffant. The silver, net-like outfit evoked both a 1920s flapper and an Egyptian goddess, with pins delicately set to simulate a collar and underwear. 

The French label's creative director, John Galliano, appeared to draw inspiration from his own archives, with some social media users seeing similarities between Cyrus' exposing gown and 

The magnificent home has been the talk of the town in recent weeks. Their couture presentation in Paris in January, which included actor Gwendoline Christie,  

was not only praised by critics, but the "china doll" makeup done for the show went viral, sparking endless conjecture about how it was achieved. 

While the famed makeup artist Pat McGrath, who created that look, was also involved in Cyrus' appearance, there was no "glass skin" as seen on the Margiela catwalk.  

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