The first-ever Lance Reddick Legacy Award was given to Keanu Reeves by the Saturn Awards.

The Saturn Awards, celebrating geeky films and TV for over 50 years, took a different turn this year. 

They dedicated the event to their former host Lance Reddick and introduced the inaugural Lance Reddick Legacy Award. 

 Keanu Reeves, honored for his work and friendship with Reddick in the John Wick series, received the award.

Titus Welliver presented the award at the 51st Annual Saturn Awards, with Joel McHale hosting the event. 

Reeves' acceptance speech, dedicated to Reddick, was a touching moment. 

Reeves is widely praised for his humility and kindness in the industry. 

His involvement in iconic genre franchises made him a fitting choice for the inaugural award. 

Catch Reeves' heartfelt acceptance speech above. 

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