The Complete Ranking of All Zac Efron Movies 

Zac Efron entered the public attention in 2005, living the real American dream of singing and playing basketball. 

15 years later, the now 32-year-old celebrity may not be singing or hooping as much, but he's still making us laugh 

whether he's starring in comedies, showing off his exercise routines, or portraying a far-too-charismatic (and terrifyingly frightening) serial murderer. 

Efron just hosted his own feel-good Netflix travel show, Down To Earth. 

But we're eager to join him on adventures in a nonfiction program because we already feel like we know him from his fictional work. 

Efron, who began his career as a teeny-bopper, has accomplished a great deal. 

We can't say that every film on this list is great (they can't all be winners!), but it's been fun to see one of the industry's most likable characters grow from a Disney-bred teenager to someone who could play Ted Bundy, a pyromaniac with wild facial hair named Flicker, and Freddie from Scooby Doo all in the same calendar year.  

. It's also worth noting that we're just looking at movies in which Efron plays a starring or semi-leading part; it's great to see him in The Disaster Artist, but it's more of a fun endeavor for laughs than a true leading role to be rated.   

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