The Boys: What the Season 4 trailer left out

Fans of The Boys are curious to learn what will happen with the program once Generation V ends, and their curiosity has been piqued by the publication of the season four trailer.

 According to the teaser, Homelander is promising to bring more memorable but scary moments.

 The trailer's details have built up the expectation for this. These are a few moments you did not witness.

 Let's talk about how Gen V ended before breaking down a few sequences from the recently released The Boys clip.

As we all know, things took a bad turn for Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair) and her friends, who are now trapped inside a covert Vought facility. 

After the turbulent Season 3 finale, Homelander (Anthony Starr), who has taken over Vought Tower, seems to be behind this situation.

Homelander's impact has grown even as the show is on trial for the killing of a protester in the Season 3 finale. 

Homelander purposefully accuses Marie and her companions of being involved in the massacre that Sam (Asa Germann) and Cate (Maddie Phillips) planned.

In the meantime, Karl Urban's character Billy Butcher appears to be exploring what appears to be The Woods in the Generation V Season 1 finale. 

 The latter may be pursuing the virus that kills Supes and is currently under Victoria Neuman's (Claudia Doumit) control.

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