The Biggest Issue Shedeur Sanders Had With Sean Lewis's Offense

Deion Sanders brought in Sean Lewis, a highly regarded college coach, as the offensive coordinator for Colorado before the 2023 season. 

Lewis had previously served as head coach at Kent State from 2018 to 2022. 

Initially, Lewis's offensive scheme showed promise, contributing to Colorado's strong 3-0 start to the season. 

However, as the season progressed, issues arose, particularly concerning the team's offensive line and quarterback protection. 

With four games left in the season, Lewis was demoted from his position and relieved of his play-calling duties, replaced by Pat Shurmur. 

Despite this setback, Lewis eventually secured a head coaching job at San Diego State. 

At one point, Lewis was considered a candidate for the Michigan State coaching position. 

Shedeur Sanders, the quarterback, later revealed in an interview that he felt Lewis's offensive system didn't suit his preferences, particularly due to the emphasis on "choice routes" and the pressure it placed on receivers. 

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