The Best Protein Bars: Tasty and Healthiest Options 

Nowadays, protein is much more convenient. Whereas before gym-goers had to eat a couple of rotisserie chickens to recharge their muscles 

strenuous workout, they can now make up a protein smoothie or, more conveniently, have a protein bar. 

These are now readily available, require no preparation, and the best protein bars taste delicious enough to be considered both a treat and a way to help grow muscle.  

However, there are certain drawbacks, primarily the diamond-hard texture and artificial flavour of some, and you cannot assume that all are healthier snack bars; some are not. 

That's what we learned when we asked Kurtis Frank of nutrition and supplement encyclopaedia examine. 

The entire chat is farther down the page, but in summary, the first thing to look for is the protein-to-calorie ratio - 15g of protein in a 200-calorie bar or 25g in a 250-calorie bar are good benchmarks. 

If you can locate a bar that tastes good and contains a good quantity of fibre, that's even better. 

Make sure the carbs are modest, too; but, if you're an endurance athlete looking for a pre-session snack to replenish your glycogen stores, try one of the best energy bars instead.  

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