The best electric diffusers for home aroma and health, tested.

If decorating your home with spa-worthy aromas brings you immense delight but you're burning through your scented candle collection too quickly, may we propose one of our best electric diffusers?

These innovative devices spray essential oils over your home, infusing it with calming, restorative, or exhilarating scents and wetness.

The Good Housekeeping Institute tested diffusers from The White Company and Neom to help you relax at home and attain spa-like calm.

This attractive Neom device supports your health, as its name implies. It has four automated timer settings, a dimmable night light, and a breathing mode that steadily brightens for seven seconds as you inhale and dims for 11 as you exhale to help you relax before bed. 

Neom Wellbeing Pod Diffuser

If you like our Neom winner but can't afford it, Oliver Bonas' ceramic design is just as stylish and has many timer and light settings. 

Oliver Bonas Electric Aroma Diffuser

This innovative plug-in diffuser from The White Company is portable and easy to operate. It saves space, can be moved, and doesn't require filling the water tank—just fill the bottle with your favorite scent, add a filter stick, and you're ready.

The White Company Motion Sensor Plug In Electronic Diffuser

This tall, slim Muji model, which resembles a pillar candle, was popular with our testers. It has two light modes and four automatic timed settings between 30 minutes and three hours to establish the ambiance for sleeping, entertaining, or working at your desk.

Muji Aroma Diffuser

A diffuser with novel features doesn't have to cost a fortune, as this Salter gem shows. For those with limited room, the tiny device delivers a punch and won't take up much space on your windowsill or bedside table.

salter Salter Teardrop Aroma Essential Oil Mist Diffuser

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