Texas Would Own Key NASA Assets If It Became Independent. 

According to an academic who specializes in separatist movements, if Texas became an independent nation, it would have legal ownership of NASA assets based in the state, which it might utilize in later discussions with the United States. 

Professor Matt Qvortrup, author of I Want to Break Free: A Practical Guide to Making a New Country, made the remark during an interview with Newsweek.  

Daniel Miller, head of the pro-independence Texas Nationalist Movement, stated that an independent Texas would desire to continue collaborating with NASA, 

as well as other organizations and private enterprises, adding, "Who knows?" Perhaps the first flag raised on Mars will be the Texas flag." 

Interest in Texas independence has increased in recent weeks as a result of the continuing dispute between Governor Greg Abbott and the Biden administration over illegal immigration. 

In reaction to a January Supreme Court decision permitting federal authorities to remove razor wire from the southern border, Abbott said Texas was being "invaded" and cited the state's "constitutional authority to defend and protect itself." 

Speaking to Newsweek on the impact of Texas independence, Qvortrup said, "NASA is an intriguing instance. 

It technically belongs to Texas because it is located in Texas. For example, once Ukraine gained independence, Kiev took control of the Soviet nuclear arsenal. 

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