Taylor Swift Victories in ‘Lover’ Book Design Copyright Case

The copyright case that Taylor Swift and the artwork from her 2019 album Lover were involved in has been dropped.

Swift was sued for copyright in March 2022 by author Teresa La Dart, who claimed that the pop diva had used the cover of her 2010 poetry book Lover as inspiration for the book that accompanied the album of the same name. 

La Dart dismissed the lawsuit against Swift in a federal court in Tennessee on Thursday, July 27. 

Swift's attorneys opposed the lawsuit, calling it "legally and factually baseless," and they requested that it be dropped. 

This voluntary dismissal occurred as a result of their demands rather than a settlement.      

Swift was charged by La Dart in the first court filing of stealing "a number of creative elements" from her poetry book from 2010 for her 2019 Lover book, including the album's use of "pastel pinks and blues." 

Swift employed "a remembrance of previous years memorialized in a combination of written and pictorial components," including "interspersed photographs and writings," according to La Dart. 

Additionally, La Dart asserted that Swift owed her damages totaling over a million dollars.

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