Taylor Swift reveals the exact timeline of when she wrote 'The Tortured Poets Department'.

There's been a lot of conjecture regarding a) when Taylor Swift had time to create The Tortured Poets Department

and b) whether some of the song titles hint at a breakup album about Joe Alwyn.

 And it appears that Taylor clarified the timing of events while playing in Tokyo last night.

"I’ve been working on Tortured Poets since right after I turned in Midnights,"Taylor revealed. 

 "So you submit an album months in advance so that you can produce vinyls, which are the greatest.

So I started working on it right away, and I've been at it for about two years. 

 I worked on it throughout the US tour until it was perfect, in my perspective, and good enough for you, and then I finished it.

And I am so pleased that you will soon be able to hear it and experience it with me.

So, when it comes to the entire "is this about Joe Alwyn" debate, Tay has been working on Tortured Poets for two years, and she and Joe split up a little less than a year ago.

However, tracks such as "My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys," "So Long, London," and "Fresh Out the Slammer"

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