Taylor Swift jokes after tripping and nearly falling in Tokyo.

Taylor Swift joked about tripping in Tokyo for her Eras Tour.

The singer successfully caught herself and laughed about her near fall as she descended the stairs 

and off the roof of a stage cabin during the Folklore portion of the event on Friday, February 9

"I almost fell off the Folklore cabin, but I didn't, and that's the lesson," she told the gathering in a video posted on X, formerly Twitter.

 I saw my life flash before me. 

Everything is excellent and great. Oh, I'm glad I didn't tumble over the Folklore hut. 

Tokyo night was great.”“My new favourite video of Taylor just being real and clumsy like the rest of us,” one X comment read.

Fans are expecting she will attend this year's Super Bowl despite her gigs in Japan.

Swift has attended 12 Chiefs games this season to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce, but she has obstacles to attend this game.

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