Taylor Swift has rivals in Travis Kelce's NYE.

On Sunday, December 31, Taylor Swift is anticipated to visit Travis Kelce's New Year's Eve game,  

but she won't be the only musical guest in attendance.Kevin Richardson of Backstreet Boys has been selected , 

by the Kansas City Chiefs as their last Drum Honoree of the regular season. Before the Chiefs play the Cincinnati Bengals at Arrowhead Stadium,  

the boy bander will pound a drum to get the audience excited.Being a lifelong Chiefs supporter and the husband of a Kansas City native,   

52-year-old Richardson is a prime candidate to perform the honors prior to Sunday's kickoff.  

And given that Swift, 34, is known for encouraging other musicians, we can assume that the pop sensation will enjoy every second of Richardson's visit. Swift,  

who was born in 1989, also displayed her millennial heritage earlier this year when she exhibited , 

extreme fandom for NSYNC members during their September 2023 VMA appearance. 

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