Sydney Sweeney's Unfiltered Beauty

Sydney Sweeney had no trouble channeling her glitzy "Euphoria" persona as Cassie Howard,  

although she has gone several times without makeup. If you haven't seen "Euphoria," 

you should know that Cassie put a lot of effort into building a reputable image for herself by wearing skimpy clothing and applying subtle makeup. 

This contributed to the exaggerated look of the "Euphoria" cast. Additionally, although Sweeney frequently sports a glamorous look for her magazine photos and red carpet appearances, 

which she then posts on Instagram, she has also been observed to favor a far more understated kind of beauty.Ultimately,  

Sweeney was uninterested in wearing makeup prior to appearing in "Euphoria." 

"I barely could figure out how to do my own eyeliner or find the right color foundation." 

In 2022, Sweeney disclosed to People. In an earlier interview with Into The Gloss, Sweeney acknowledged that she was bad at applying makeup when she was a teenager and that she didn't wear much of it as a result. 

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