Sweetpea, the small dog that stole the show in Puppy Bowl 2024, died from renal ailment 

The tiniest puppy to ever participate in the Puppy Bowl passed away unexpectedly on her way to the hospital for a check-up, as reported by Bosley Place. 

Sweetpea, born on July 1, 2023, in Tennessee and raised in Georgia, died on Nov. 20, 2023, due to a deformed kidney, confirmed by Jennifer Siegel, the animal director at Bosley's Place. 

Sweetpea was described as living a charming life and being very loving, with everyone adoring her. 

Despite being a medical nightmare due to her health conditions, Sweetpea received excellent care and was given the best life possible with her short life expectancy. 

Sweetpea was born with hydrocephalus, a neurological disorder, and had a hole in her heart. 

When Sweetpea arrived at Bosley's Place, she was in critical condition, but medical diagnostics and testing began immediately. 

By the time Sweetpea reached eight weeks old, her condition started to improve, with the hole in her heart closing on its own. 

Sweetpea was selected to participate in the Puppy Bowl 2024 in September, around the same time her health began to show signs of improvement. 

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