Suncoast Star Nico Parker Shares Best Advice From 'Incredibly Supportive' Mother Thandiwe Newton (Exclusive)

Nico Parker might have been terrified by her first major starring part if not for her mother Thandiwe Newton's mentoring.

Prior to filming the recent Sundance Film Festival success Suncoast (in theatres now and available streaming on Hulu), the 19-year-old 

Parker admits to "having some doubt in myself that I would be able to carry out a narrative and a story like that and have an audience be compelled the entire time."

Parker played Doris, a teenage girl struggling with her ailing brother's admission to the same Florida hospice centre as the dying Terri Schiavo in 2005

 Laura Linney and Woody Harrelson provided support. 

However, Newton, 51, was "incredibly supportive" as both parent and peer, the young star tells PEOPLE. 

 "A 'you can do this' kind of theme [runs] through all of our conversations."

She adds that the Emmy-winning Westworld actor's opinion is "never specific to the industry or acting." It's more of general life advise.

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