Spider-Man 2 Superior Suit Sixth Scale Figure is available for preorder. 

Sideshow Collectibles is back with another Spider-Man figurine 

this time inspired by Peter Parker's iconic Superior Suit from Marvel Comics. 

The sixth scale figure stands nearly a foot tall and is based on the rendition of the character from Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man 2. 

It depicts Spider-Man in a nearly full black outfit with darker red tones on the top half and a black spider silhouette on the chest. 

Along with the figure, the new figure includes freshly designed metallic red spider pincers, similar to the Iron Spider character, but with all red pincers.  

The figure also comes with ten pairs of interchangeable hands for additional posing options 

as well as six webbing attachments in various sizes and shapes. 

The Peter Parker (Superior Suit) sixth scale figure is now available for preorder on Sideshow's website and will retail for $285. 

The figure isn't slated to ship until between October and March 2025, so fans will have to wait a while before getting their hands on it. 

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