“Spider-Man 2” has broken the record for the fastest-selling game developed by PlayStation Studios.

Within the first twenty-four hours of its initial release, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 not only won over fans’ hearts but also broke records for PlayStation Studios’ fastest-selling game ever. 

The monumental achievement was announced through an official press release, revealing that the game has already surpassed the 2.5 million copies sold milestone as of October 20th. 

The game’s success has propelled it past the previous record-holder within the PlayStation Studios roster. 

The developer, in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation Studios, has strategically made the game available only to owners of the latest PlayStation console, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to the gaming experience. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 allows players to step into the shoes of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, delivering a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience. 

Eric Lempel, the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Sales, and Business Operations at Sony Interactive Entertainment, made the statement announcing the ground-breaking sales figures. 

“On behalf of Sony Interactive Entertainment, I want to say thank you to the fans. We truly hope you are enjoying your time playing as Peter and Miles in this amazing adventure,” expressed Lempel, acknowledging the pivotal role played by the dedicated fan base in the game’s success. 

The exclusive content for PlayStation 5 adds an extra layer of desirability for the latest console, further solidifying Sony Interactive Entertainment’s position in the competitive gaming landscape. 

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