Russia might 'blind' the US by knocking out satellites using a nuclear space weapon, according to an ex-CIA commander. 

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta addressed claims of a new Russian weapon.  

Panetta told CNN that the weapon might disable US satellites.  

He stated that the United States was likely preparing countermeasures to the weapon.  

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta claimed that Russia may "blind" the US by employing a nuclear-capable missile to disrupt satellites in orbit. 

Panetta, who previously served as defense secretary under Barack Obama, spoke with CNN on Wednesday about an unknown danger to US national security. 

It became (partially) public after US senators began to explain briefings they received on the threat, which they did not identify. 

Multiple media reports, citing US sources, stated that Russia was developing a nuclear weapon to be used against satellites. 

Satellites are critical for carrying information ranging from mobile phone data to military communications. 

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