Road House Remake Streaming Controversy: A New Report Reveals the Truth Behind the Deal 

"Road House" was originally pitched to MGM but underwent changes when the studio was acquired by Amazon. 

Director Doug Liman opted for a higher budget with a streaming release over a lower budget with a theatrical release. 

Liman plans to protest the movie's premiere, alleging he was misled about its release prospects. 

"Road House" is a remake of the 1989 Patrick Swayze film, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a former UFC fighter turned bouncer. 

Liman wrote a critical op-ed, boycotting the movie's SXSW premiere and accusing Amazon of neglecting cinema. 

A new Variety report delves into the controversy, revealing details about the behind-the-scenes negotiations. 

Liman and Gyllenhaal were given the choice of a $60 million budget with a theatrical release or an $85 million budget for streaming. 

"Road House" was initially pitched to MGM, but plans shifted after Amazon's acquisition, prompting the change in release strategy. 

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