RFK Jr. airs a Super Bowl advertisement that cost $7 million.

The super PAC backing Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s independent presidential campaign aired an advertisement during the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

American Values 2024 launched a 30-second ad that was a recreation of a 1960 campaign spot for his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy,

The super PAC said the ad cost $7 million and ran nationwide.

The commercial showed images of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaking in Congress and skiing under the phrase "vote independent."

"Our momentum is increasing. "It's time for an independent president to heal our country's divisions," Kennedy said on X.

During the launch, Google searches for Kennedy's name increased significantly.

Kennedy's commercial — and his invocation of his family's past — was swiftly condemned by his cousin Bobby Shriver.

My cousin's Super Bowl ad used our uncle's faces--and my mother's," he said in a post on X. "She would be horrified by his dangerous health-care beliefs. Respect for research, immunizations, and health-care fairness was in her DNA. 

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