Ramadhani Brothers Crowned Winner of 'AGT: Fantasy League': We feel our lives are changing 

The Ramadhani Brothers, acrobats from Tanzania, won "AGT: Fantasy League" on Monday night. 

Fadhili Ramadhani and Ibrahim Jobu are the duo behind the head-to-head balancing act. 

They triumphed over top acts like The Pack Drumline and V.Unbeatable. 

The victory signifies a life-changing moment for the brothers. 

Originally aiming for "AGT" Season 17, they faced visa issues, leading to appearances on other "Got Talent" franchises. 

Their gravity-defying balancing act impressed judges on Season 18 of "AGT." 

They were grand finalists but fell short to Season 18 winner Adrian Stoica & Hurricane. 

Joining "Fantasy League," they sought redemption and faced the competition fearlessly. 

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